Friday, February 16, 2024

Lee Flower Show

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What is the Flower Show?

For those of you new to the Flower Show, it is an integral part of the Lee Village year, where villagers unite in some friendly competition. There are various sections that cater to all skills and interests. The first category is Flower Arrangements (even including a fairy garden), with varying arrangement titles per year from small displays to masterpieces – so you can run wild. The second section is the hotly contested Domestic category, each year there’s new challenges to face, from pecan pies to Quiche Lorraine. Now we enter the Produce section, where novice and experienced exhibitors come together to display their growing prowess with vegetables and fruits (think Wallace and Gromit: curse of the Were-rabbit). And for every gardener out there, section D is ‘Cut Flowers’, from pansies to marigolds, may the best flower win (and may they all have bloomed in time). If you prefer your plants a little more manageable (think cacti) there is the Pot Plants section. This even includes the prestigious Chairman’s Choice fuchsia, where villagers really do go head to head in how well they can grow the same fuchsia in the same amount of time, and the difference can be quite astonishing. The last adult section is Handicraft, which has recently been expanded, so even more crafts are included. No matter your ability, everyone can take part in this section as it ranges from poems, to paintings, to knitting and embroidery. There is also a children’s section, with different age groups, so every member of the family can take part. And they cover a little bit of all the above-mentioned categories but are a little easier and a lot more fun!

Taking part does matter, but if you like your encouragement, for each section there is a nice shiny trophy on the line, which is even engraved with your name if you win – and if that doesn’t rouse the competitive beast within you, nothing will. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our schedule online, and start your Flower Show journey today.


Everybody loves a little bit of history, and the Lee Village Flower Show sure does have some. It has been running since 1930 – that is 93 years. We even have in our possession the first even minute book from the committee meetings, and within its weathered pages it dictates how the first Flower Show committee came to be.

Let me set the scene: it dates back to a – no doubt – cold, wet and wintery evening on the 4th December 1930. A villager by the name of Mr. Woodcock put forward a motion to the gathered group, to create ‘a Flower Show [which will] be held in August, open to neighbouring villages (referring to Slade, Warcombe, and Mortehoe) and comprising various classes which would give cottagers an equal chance with experienced gardeners.’ What a lovely snippet from the past! The rest of it is a little dull, but interesting to see how they started to prepare for the first Flower Show, relying heavily on funds being donated, but also preparing the prizes. They gave monetary prizes it seems for the first few years, from what I’ve gathered, the beautiful trophies came a few years later when they could afford them. And I think we are very lucky to have them!

Suffice to say, the first Flower Show was a staggering success, with 60 competitors and roughly 400 exhibits! Almost double what we achieve today (some motivation for you). Though the Flower Show continues to be a success and integral part of the Lee Village year, your continued support and entries keeps it alive.