Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Registration Instructions

In order to use the forum, you will first need to register.  Within a few hours of starting to test the site we identified attempts to hack in.  We have decided that for simplicity we will only accept registrations from people who subscribe to the Fuchsia List.  As you will see when you register, you have the option of using nicknames to identify yourself on-line, so can be relatively anonymous if you wish.  However, please use the same email address as you use for the Fuchsia List when you register so the administrator knows who you are, and not a hacker.

First, go to https://loveleebay.co.uk/fuchsia-fellows/

  • Click the ‘Register’ option on the Forum menu
  • Enter a Username (this can be your name – Fred Smith, an abbreviation FredS, or anonymous – pongo95)  It will need to be unique, so if you chose a Username someone else has bagged you will be told)
  • Enter an Email address.  (this must be the email address you used to register with the Fuchsia List.  If you are not registered, then please ring our ‘Help Desk’ – see below.
  • Click the ‘I am not a robot’ box
  • Click the box to agree to receive a registration email (that keeps GDPR happy)

You will be taken back to the Forum page, but at this stage you will not be able to log in.

When we receive your request, so long as you have used a recognised email address, your registration will be approved and you will receive an email (from wordpress@loveleebay.co.uk) inviting you to confirm it was you that applied

  • Click the link in the email and set your password (it uses a similar system if you ever want to reset, hence the wording).  All being well you should now be able to access and join in the forum.

Once you are in, we suggest you read the ‘Introduction from Alan’ forum item (Under General LBH discussion) to learn more about the forum and how to use it.

If you have problems, call our Help Desk (Alan Bannister) on 01271 863 093