Friday, February 16, 2024

Advertise in the Lee & Link’Em News

What is the Lee & Link’Em News?

It is a thrice-yearly newsletter delivered free to the residents, holiday homes & letting properties of Lee and Lincombe villages in North Devon. Visitors can purchase the newsletter (75p per paper issue), and subscribers are sent the newsletter by post (£5 per year, i.e. for 3 issues). It is also available for free download at, thanks to sponsors.

What is the format of the newsletter?

Usually 16 or 20 printed sides of A4 size monochrome photocopy.

Who writes the content?

The content of the newsletter is supplied to the editors by local residents and members of local teams, clubs, committees, and establishments. Items range from reports from the local sports teams, factual information on bus timetables, to recollections of previous eras in the villages.

How many people read it?

There are approximately 120 residences in Lee and Lincombe that all receive a free copy. Please note that a large minority of these include holiday homes, which extends the readership to many people new to the area. A number of properties are also self-catering apartments and proprietors supply the News for their numerous guests to read. Additionally, the Grampus Inn and the Old Schoolroom Craft Shop sell an annual total of around 200 copies. Readership varies by the season, with most copies sold during the summer months.

How is the newsletter funded?

The newsletter is purely non-profit. All costs are covered by the advertisers and those purchasing the newsletter.

Who advertises in the newsletter?

We currently hold advertisements for local shops, services and classes, and holiday accommodation in Lee and Lincombe.

Can I place an advert in only one issue?

Not usually. All advertising rates are based on advertising in three consecutive issues (representing one year). An advert may be withdrawn but refunds are at the discretion of the editors.

How much does it cost?


Type Actual size Annual rate
(3 issues)
Annual rate for businesses based in Lee or Lincombe
Full page advert 24cm high x 16cm wide £80.00 £40.00
1/2 page advert 12cm high x 16cm wide £40.00 £20.00
1/3 page advert 8cm high x 16cm wide £30.00 £15.00
1/4 page advert 6cm high x 16cm wide £20.00 £10.00
Back page accommodation section One line mention with telephone number Not applicable £3.00
Leaflet insert
(supplied by advertiser)
Up to A5 unfolded size
– one sheet only
£30.00 £15.00
Leaflet insert
(supplied by advertiser)
Up to A4 unfolded size
– one sheet only
£60.00 £30.00


Please note: All advertising from services based within Lee and Lincombe is subject to a 50% reduction in advertising cost (as shown in the table above).

WHEN and how DO I PAY?

Advertising payments must be received in full by one of the editors before the copy date of the issue that you wish your advert to start in. Unpaid advertisements will not be carried. Payment ideally by BACS – please contact us for the details.

I want to advertise, what do I do now?

  1. Decide on the size of advert.
  2. Submit an advert of the correct size in a digital format (e.g. JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.)
  3. Request a free simple ad design service for your advert, or a costing for producing a leaflet.

All advertising bookings/queries to our Advertising Manager Heather Booker ( – (01271) 862409.